Local Arts Spotlight: The Carrack


The Carrack is an exhibition and event space in downtown Durham. In June 2011, founders Laura Ritchie and John Wendelbo created the space with the intention of revitalizing the Durham arts community by providing an exhibition and gathering space for local artists. To date, the space has featured the work of over 500 artists, a feat made possible by the fact that exhibitions change every two weeks. In addition to showcasing local artists, the Carrack serves as an event space for art classes, fundraisers and other various art-centered events.


Originally funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Carrack continues to be zero-commission and volunteer-run. For this reason, the space gives artists exhibiting at the Carrack the ability to express themselves creatively without commercial interests clouding their vision. Truly a local space, the Carrack is run completely by volunteers, advisors and community stakeholders. The space also hosts an annual fundraiser every October, and Red Dot Art Sales (one of which is taking place this month) where donated art from local artists is sold at low, set price points.


The Carrack offers countless opportunities for community involvement, both for artists and for art lovers. Community members can view exhibits for free any time the space is open and also participate in monthly and weekly art classes and discussions. “PROMPTS” is a recurring series the space hosts in conjunction with artist Justin Tornow and COMPANY in which artists and community members gather to discuss a unique prompt, which is given out about a month before the event takes place. THE DRAW happens every last Thursday of the month, at which artists gather to draw and talk about their art. The Carrack also hosts weekly meditation and yoga sessions, suited for newcomers to both yoga and art and perfect for the stressed-out student.


947 East Main Street

Durham, NC 27701

Thursday – Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

Upcoming events:

“In Our Own Worlds” by Nasher Teen Council (5/24-6/4)

Art Salon (6/1)

Carrack Community Show + Red Dot Fundraiser (6/8-6/23)

The Exsufflation Series #4 (6/20)

Visit for more details.


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