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Letter to the editor

remembering mike doherty

For the longest time Mike was just another pWaves kid to me. I didn't take part in the pre-orientation program, but my roommate for the past two years did, so I got to know all his friends from it. Though, over the past two years, me and Mike's relationship grew from just saying "hi" when passing each other by to small conversations. We were never close friends by any measure, but I liked my relationship with Mike. I liked it because I always heard how people regarded him. They described him as this genuine, nice kid with an innocent smile that showed his good nature. I liked my relationship with Mike because it meant I was acquainted with such a well-regarded guy. Being able to talk to such an esteemed man was usually one of the highlights of my day.

Although from what I can gather he was a bit quiet, he was able to show his personality in other ways. I remember freshman year he grew out a "mullet" for the hockey team as they were getting to the tail end of their season. Little things like that would just make you smile. But, I'll never know if I was able to make Mike smile. For although your smile was infectious, I can only hope I was able to send some happiness back at you Mike. You were the last person to deserve having to leave us so soon, and my prayers are with you and your family. Rest in Peace.

George Gallagher is a rising junior in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. If you would like to submit a letter to the editor to remember Michael Doherty, please submit it to and include your name and affiliation with Duke.


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