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Makus Empanadas' owner wants to bring the restaurant to campus

<p>Hernan Moyano&mdash;one of Makus Empanadas'&nbsp;owners&mdash;said he would rather his restaurant have a physical location on campus than be&nbsp;an MOP vendor.</p>

Hernan Moyano—one of Makus Empanadas' owners—said he would rather his restaurant have a physical location on campus than be an MOP vendor.

During its penultimate meeting of this semester, the Duke Student Dining Advisory Committee discussed adding Makus Empanadas to the dining lineup as well as its plans for next year.

Here are three key takeaways:

1. Makus Empanadas is being considered as a new dining option.

DUSDAC originally planned to discuss adding Makus Empanadas to Duke’s Merchants-on-Points program, but its owner expressed a desire to move on-campus instead.

Currently, Makus Empanadas is partnered with GrubHub, an independent service, for food delivery. Hernan Moyano—one of the restaurant’s owners—noted disinterest in a formalized delivery option like that of an MOP vendor, explaining that his restaurant does not currently have the manpower for such a service.

Instead, Moyano said he hopes to bring Makus Empanadas to Duke’s campus in its full form, similar to the restaurant's recent expansions across Raleigh and Durham.

“Eventually, we want to be here on campus. Not a food truck—but a restaurant here,” he said. “That’s the main objective. It takes time, but we’re going to continue working with the University to try to get there.”

2. Duke Dining is working to address problems with MOP menus and delivery.

DUSDAC chair Bryan Taylor, Trinity '16, noted that many students have expressed frustrations with Dunkin' Donuts for not operating as an MOP despite its designation on the University’s official list.

Junior Samantha Glover, another DUSDAC member, also complained about how TGI Fridays—an MOP option—recently switched up its delivery menu without notifying students of these changes. She said that the restaurant charged her inappropriately for items that she had ordered from the outdated menu.

Robert Coffey, director of dining services, noted that he and his team will look into these issues and address them accordingly.

3. DUSDAC plans to work more closely with food trucks next year.

After difficulties with food trucks throughout this school year, committee members reflected on how they could improve food truck consistency and scheduling.

Members noted that they should improve communication with food trucks about when and where they are expected to be. The goal is to keep food trucks accountable so students can know when a truck will be at a certain location. 

Some of these changes will be reflected in DUSDAC’s new dining update newsletter, which Duke Dining plans to release beginning in the Fall. 

DUSDAC's final meeting for the school year will take place next week. 


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