DPU endorses Jackson Dellinger for DSG President

Duke Political Union, after interviewing all three presidential candidates and deliberating carefully on their proposals, has voted to endorse Jackson Dellinger for DSG President.

We chose Jackson for two principal reasons: the first is his longstanding commitment to public service and, second, his plans for reforming Duke student government’s relationship with the student body. He has worked towards criminal justice reform with the Innocence Project, was active in campus mobilization for local and national elections, and currently heads the Durham and Regional Affairs committee in DSG Senate. These experiences show that Jackson cares about his community and has the practical knowledge needed to succeed in a leadership position.

In regards to Dellinger’s policy proposals, DPU appreciated his plans to rework the student constituency model and improve the relationship between DSG and the general public. He has called for an ambassador program for groups to lobby directly to Senators and focuses on the need to enact programs that actively respond to student input. Jackson has also included internal reforms aimed at increasing the efficiency of student government: doing away with the up-and-out model of Senate progression (in which Senators either advance to higher political positions or resign from Senate completely), increasing access to the President, and improving information distribution for elections.

Jackson, like all great DSG presidential candidates, has a proven track-record of advocating for Duke students. However, DPU ultimately chose to endorse him because of his vision to reassess Duke Student Government as an institution—one that needs to be driven by student input and operated under fair, transparent rules.


Nic Justice, President of DPU


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