Duke seems to have a new major.

At least that’s what sophomores majoring in economics found out during “Major Madness,” an event Wednesday night for sophomores to celebrate declaring their majors. These students received t-shirts listing them as “economy” majors.

Several students took to social media to joke about the error. In the “Duke Memes for Gothicc Teens” [sic] Facebook group, one student joked that Duke could bring Lil Jon to perform for the Old Duke concert but could not get the t-shirt’s wording correct.

The Chronicle’s Rob Palmisano posted, "It's not about the economics. It's about... THE ECONOMY!"

Another student posted on the Major Madness Facebook event page asking where he could pick up his shirt if he missed the event—noting that he preferred the “economy” major shirt over a fixed “economics” major one.

Sophomore Madden Osei, president of sophomore class council, told The Chronicle that the council instructed the shirt-printing company to put “economics” on the shirts but due to a mistake on their end, the shirts ended up saying “economy.”

Corrected shirts for newly-declared economics majors have been ordered and are expected to arrive next week, explained Shanci Robinson, program coordinator for West Campus for Housing, Dining and Residence Life.