Recently, the executive members of Duke Partnership for Service (dPS) had the honor of listening to all four finalists of the Young Trustee election. After an internal process, I am happy to announce that we have collectively decided to endorse Tanner Lockhead for this incredible position. 

While all four candidates showcased strong leadership skills and exceptionally diverse perspectives, Lockhead stood out due to his rich experience working with the Durham community. His position as the Vice President of DSG for Durham and regional affairs and his participation in the Institutional Advancement Committee on the Board of Trustees greatly qualify him to act as the bridge between Duke students, the Durham community and the university‚Äôs administration—a role that dPS views as essential to a Young Trustee. He further demonstrates a deep understanding of the issues that Duke faces and has a perceptive sense for the future direction of the university. Lastly, Lockhead will continue to live in Durham after his graduation, and we believe this physical proximity to campus will greatly enhance his connection with Duke students and his ability to represent the student body as the Young Trustee. 

Thank you once again to all four candidates for taking the time to speak with us and to The Chronicle for allowing us to publicly endorse the candidate we feel to be the best choice for this position.


Dayton Grogan

dPS President, T'17