Most of the millennials enjoy memes through platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But what about memes just for Duke?

Inspired by the “UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens” Facebook group, sophomores Molly Chen and Yoon Ko created a meme page titled “Duke University Memes for Spooked Teens.”

“I decided to consolidate Duke’s unique ‘meme culture’ into a page dedicated just for memes, so we’d have all our favorites in one place,” Chen said.

The page consists of Duke-specific memes, often poking fun at the amount of people on a C1 or how quickly food points disappear. It currently has more than 1,500 members.

“We love seeing Duke-related memes and getting some good laughs or much-needed ‘I’m not the only one’ moments,” Ko said.

However, it has not all been fun and games. After an incident in which a political meme about Trump made several members of the page uncomfortable, Chen and Ko decided to more heavily moderate the page and steer it away from political content. The page's description urges its members to use their best judgement before posting.

"This page is not the appropriate place to post hateful material or material of political, religious, socioeconomic, etc. nature that may be overly controversial," it reads.

Although some page members commented that they viewed the new policy as a form of censorship, others were appreciative of the change. In a pinned post in the Facebook page, Chen explained, “At Duke, open political discourse should be welcome, but I believe other pages are better places for it.”

Below are some of The Chronicle's favorite memes:

1. Campus food options are a popular target for the memesters.

2. Navigating Duke can be confusing and traumatic at times. 

3. Headphones in. Avoid eye contact. Don't talk to anyone.  

4. The most satisfying combo on Duke's campus. 

5. Duke professors, please take it easy on us.