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Leadership in Panhel, work for City of Durham set Young Trustee Anya Ranganathan apart, she says

<p>Ranganathan is the president of the Duke Panhellenic Association and co-founded a company called Ungraded Produce&nbsp;that works to reduce food waste.</p>

Ranganathan is the president of the Duke Panhellenic Association and co-founded a company called Ungraded Produce that works to reduce food waste.

In her undergraduate Young Trustee campaign, senior Anya Ranganathan highlights how her experiences at Duke qualify her for the position.

Ranganathan currently serves as the president of the Duke Panhellenic Association and as an undergraduate representative for the Board of Trustees' Business and Finance Committee. She also interned for the City of Durham and co-founded Ungraded Produce, a company that works to reduce food waste.

“My involvement with the University’s Board of Trustees Business and Finance Committee has afforded me a broad look at the structure of the University and how Duke’s individual schools are funded and operate,” Ranganathan said.

Having grown up five minutes from Princeton University, she noted that she understands the way a university spills over into the community outside of it, benefiting society as a whole.

“The purpose of a university is to generate knowledge—whether this is by sending educated graduates out into the world or conducting research in both humanities and science," she said.

Through her position as president of the Panhel, Ranganathan explained that she has had to take a holistic look at problems and consider multiple angles when making decisions. It is not her job to advocate for a specific group of people but rather to look at what is best for everyone and translate that into action, she said.

She added that she is open to listening to criticism and outside perspectives—characteristics that she hopes to bring to the Young Trustee position.

“All of the candidates are well-qualified, but I have something special to offer,” Ranganathan said.

Grace Kim, visiting associate professor in the practice of economics who taught Ranganathan in her class "Economics of Entrepreneurship," noted Ranganathan's leadership experience and ability to produce positive results in her endeavors.

“Anya has a passion for community building and follow-through that is reflected in the concrete, coordinated outcomes she has pursued in all of her positions," Kim said. "I believe she would be a very engaged and effective board member."

Senior Courtney Bell, co-founder of Ungraded Produce, described Ranganathan as a clear thinker.

"She can effortlessly discuss company financial projections with our mentors, but also has a knack for distilling complex concepts into a language that anyone can understand," Bell said.