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Letter to the editor

You all, or at least some of you, have simply lost touch with reality. Deconstructing masculinity, wow! Weird that this place so quickly rushed to judgment against innocent young men falsely accused of a horrible crime. If I understand correctly, being male is inherently wrong. I am older than you are, but I have never heard of male privilege. What do you think that means? I cannot believe this nonsense is supported by any university, let alone my alma mater. It appears some are striving for a unisex society and that means getting rid of males or those who behave like males. Being and acting male is not an original sin. Women and men are different; we evolved that way. Neither better, just different. These differences should be embraced. Vive la difference. Thankfully, I graduated before irresponsible, appeasing administrators allowed this horrible anti-male prejudice to overtake the school. Just as with the lacrosse players, all males at Duke are presumed guilty until proven innocent, and now, until feminine. This acceptance of nonsense worsens, not helps, men and women understand each other. You cannot start a discussion or debate by telling someone "You are wrong, that's the way it is and we will only agree when you see it my way." Duke has lost its way. I hope this pendulum swings back towards rationality or Duke is endangered of becoming a single sex school again.

Stephen Smith

Class of 1985


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