While West Union looks sleek and fancy, much of the food made there is aesthetic as well. But does West Union food taste as good as it looks? We’ve photographed one of the best-looking dishes at each venue, and exposed whether or not they’re too good to be true.

Au Bon Pain

Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Almond Macaroon

Price: $1.69

This little macaroon tastes even better than it looks. With a soft coconut center and a surprisingly sweet flavor, it’s a great light dessert for less than $2.


Chocolate Cake

Price: $5.00

Yes, this chocolate cake is as rich as it appears—if not richer. Though the creamy coating has perfect consistency and a full flavor, it’d be hard to stomach alone or in one sitting. This cake is a great excuse to eat dessert with a friend.

Chef’s Kitchen

Smoked Pork Burrito Salad

Price: $6.00

With a colorful mix of mix of meat and vegetables, the burrito salad is more aesthetic than tasty. Though the salsa is appetizing, the other vegetables don’t mesh well with the meat.

The Commons

Grilled Salmon

Price: $15.00

This fish dish is one of the best on campus. Aside from the fresh, perfectly-cooked green beans and asparagus, the tangy sauce adds an interesting twist to a traditional salmon fare.

The Devil’s Krafthouse

Grilled Fish Tacos

Price: $10

While the chips are perfectly salty, the tacos themselves taste a little worse than they appear. Plain on their own, adding the salsa adds a necessary flavoring to the fish.

The Farmstead

Farmstead Burger with Fries

Price: $10

This is all-around a solid burger. Just as how the appearance is no-frills, the burger’s taste is classic—making it a good, easy option for both lunch and dinner. The fries are also a tasty, simple addition—not too thick or thin, and not too fried or soft.

Ginger + Soy

Poke Bowl with Tuna

Price: $8.95

In the case of the poke bowl, looks aren’t deceiving—each ingredient has its own unique taste. The saltiness of the seaweed salad contrasts with the sweet corn, which contrasts with the rice and poke.


Red Dragon Roll

Price: $8.49

Although the puffy things on top of the red dragon roll add an interesting crunch, this roll may not satisfy all sushi lovers. With cream cheese and avocado, this roll concentrates less on the fish and more on the creamy substances. Aside from a unique consistency, though, the roll is delicious and filling.

Il Forno

Margherita Pizza

Price: $7.00

Run by the same people who manage Enzo’s Pizza, it’s not surprising that the pizza at Il Forno is great. In this traditional Margherita pizza, the cheese and tomato sauce steal the show.

JB’s Roasts & Chops

Mahi Mahi with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli

Price: $12

This Mahi Mahi is even better than it looks—and is worth the wait of having it made at JB’s Roasts & Chops. The fish is perfectly flavored, eliminating a fishy taste yet not overwhelming the taste buds. The mashed potatoes are also great as a side, nicely creamy but also more strongly flavored than usual mashed potatoes.

The Skillet

Pulled Pork BBQ Platter with Green Beans and Mac and Cheese

Price: $9.00

This platter is underwhelming but tasty at the same time. The pulled pork steals the show, with its perfectly flavored sauce. The mac and cheese has a bit of an unnecessary kick, though, and the green beans could be a bit more firm.


Four Portion Salad with Watermelon Salad, Rice Pilaf, Kale Salad, and Soba Noodles

Price: $10

The tastes of these salads were as colorful as the plate. The kale salad—though kale notoriously looks awesome but tastes gross—was actually delicious, and the soba noodles were light but flavorful. Overall, the salad portions are a good way to mix-and-match a meal that is healthy but still filling.


Madala Dosai

Price: $8.00

Filled with lentils and rice, this crepe tastes more intricate than it looks—especially with its flavorful chutney. A hearty meal for only $8.00, this is a great option to get bang for the buck.