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Duke students share what they miss about campus

As the summer drags on, many students have begun to long for the excitement of Duke's campus and the friends they have made there. The Chronicle asked students what they miss most about campus when they are away.

“A lot of my friends are doing cool stuff all over the world during the summer, so I definitely miss having all the friends I've made at Duke close by.”—junior Brooke Huang.

"It easily has to be food points. There's nothing like having a prepaid food (and alcohol) card that works everywhere on campus (and delivery!). Being able to add from bursar is pretty fine too.”—senior Matthew Alston.

“Over the summer, I miss living in a community with all my best friends and the stimulation of constantly being surrounded by people who challenge me."—senior Shelby Wailes.

“There are many things I miss about Duke while home for the summer. In the food genre, I miss the endless amounts of pre-cut honeydew at Marketplace in the mornings, late night cookout runs for no particular reason and always having justification for drinking coffee. I have a room to myself at home, and although that arrangements has its benefits, I have found myself feeling lonely in my own room, and I miss having someone in the room with which to watch sloth videos during study breaks/whenever I find one (which is often). I just generally miss having everything and almost everyone I need within a 2 mile radius of me, and the constant potential for meeting new amazing and intelligent people who live near me.”—sophomore Sierra Lorenzini.

“During the summer, I miss the constant buzz of Duke. Campus is always bustling and busy when we're there during the year, and being away from that environment can be very quiet.”—junior Madeline Taylor.

“I miss playing pickup basketball at Brodie."—sophomore David Yoon.

“One thing I miss about Duke over the summer when I am not there is the accessibility to like-minded peers and friends. At Duke during the school year, you can literally meet your best friends who live down the hall for dinner, have coffee with an acquaintance or simply mingle with others of the same age group. It is comforting and fun to be around others who are similar to you. Though they may come from diverse backgrounds and study a wide range of disciplines, you know there is something that brings you together.”—senior Karina Martinez.

“I miss the 5 a.m. ringing of the chapel bells and the random all nighter in Perkins."—sophomore Jaymin Patel.

“I miss being able to spend time with so many like-minded individuals. During the school year, I can easily converse with others who are interested in topics such as art history and ancient Greek mythology. Back at home, where I’m not surrounded by other art history majors and members of Nasher MUSE, it’s more difficult to engage in these meaningful conversations."—sophomore Brittany Halberstadt

“I want to go back to Duke so much! I haven't spoken English for a month and I can feel my English getting worse already!”—sophomore Wei-Ting Yeh.

Editor's note: All responses were obtained via email. 


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