American Meltdown, Taco Grande and Soomsoom Pita Pockets are under consideration as possible additions to the campus food truck rotation next year.

In its meeting Monday night, Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee discussed future options for the Merchants-on-Points vendors and food trucks, based on the results of student surveys following the food truck rodeo last Tuesday. The committee is leaning toward choosing American Meltdown, as junior Emily Cohen noted that the grilled cheese food truck is a “crowdpleaser,” given its favorable reviews among Durham residents and students who responded to the survey. However, the committee also noted that many venues on campus, including Cafe Edens and Divinity Cafe, already serve grilled cheese.

The online survey—in which students were asked to rank their favorite and least favorite current food trucks, new food trucks and current MOPs—generated approximately 500 responses. The trucks that were featured at the rodeo, which students could also rate, were American Meltdown, Baozi, Dusty Donuts, Soomsoom Pita Pockets, Taco Grande, CJ’s Street Food—an Asian fusion truck—and Cuban truck Qspresso.  

Of the current food trucks, Parlez-Vous Crepe, Gussy’s Greek Street Food and Belgian Waffle Crafters were most highly rated by students. Mixed Korean, Deli-icious and Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck were among the lower-performing trucks, according to the survey.

Although some committee members noted that Deli-icious is a good option for students who want a healthier food truck, the opening of West Union may change the demand for such a truck.

“Next year there are hopefully going to be more healthy options,” sophomore Julia Leuchtenburg said.

The committee discussed potentially changing the number of days certain food trucks come and negotiating with the lower-performing food trucks to only come one day per week rather than two.

DUSDAC also considered which MOP to add to their current open slot, although they noted that there were not many vendors who were interested in joining the program. 

According to the survey results, the most popular offerings among current MOPs are Sushi Love, Enzo’s, Mediterra Grill, Domino’s and Jimmy John’s.

The students on the committee were optimistic that next year’s opening of West Union will make the MOP decisions easier.

“I’d rather decide [which MOP to add] in August and have it be right, than decide now and potentially have it be wrong,” junior Nelson Winrow said.