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Duke Muslim Students Association stands with sit-in students and DSWS demands

The Duke Muslim Students Association (MSA) stands in solidarity with Duke Students and Workers in Solidarity (DSWS) in their occupation of the Allen building. These students are working towards an equitable and reasonable standard for our university, thus living up to Duke University’s commitment to fairness, respect and accountability. DSWS’ demands for transparent investigations of employee concerns, including the case of Ms. Underwood, and independent reviews of university culture are important steps to improving the Duke climate. Additionally, the adoption of a living minimum wage for both permanent and contract workers at Duke, who have historically been subject to discrimination and violence, is essential to improving our campus’ work conditions.

Moreover, we condemn efforts by Duke administration to deny freedom of movement to the nine DSWS students in Allen. In this regard, the MSA condemns the administration’s decision to bar Reverend William Barber II’s entry to the Allen building. Denying a prominent clergy member and civil rights activist access to students only serves to undermine dialogue and escalate tensions. We strongly encourage students, alumni, and community members to show their support by informing others on the issue, joining the students on Abele quad, and contacting the Duke Annual Fund. Having seen other universities encourage students to express their freedom of speech and activity, we wish to see that spirit flourish at Duke. We hope we can establish a more positive precedent for our institution. We hope that all parties successfully find a solution that benefits those most marginalized on campus.

Duke MSA Executive Board 16-17

Duke MSA Executive Board 15-16

Farhan Khan, MSA president


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