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Letter to the editor

I write to respond to Noah Kane’s March 2 Letter to the Editor about Monday evening’s SiriusXM Electoral College Tour comedy show.

My introduction to the show did indeed reference the POLIS belief that comedy can help us grapple with dysfunction in our political system. However, I certainly did not intend for my introduction to blame one party for the pathologies in our modern politics. I would like to emphasize that the views of the comedians did not represent the views of POLIS, and I wish that the comedy show had been more balanced. Indeed, my colleagues and I were surprised by and uncomfortable with the one-sidedness of some of the routines.

Earlier in the day, all three comedians broadcast their SiriusXM talk shows live from Penn Pavilion where they interviewed faculty and students from all political perspectives. Listeners were encouraged by the civil dialogue that occurred—even among students who very much disagreed with one another.

POLIS aims to be explicitly bipartisan, and while not every individual event can be fully balanced, the complete range of programs and activities we pursue will reflect our commitment to bipartisanship. We do welcome and appreciate dialogue around these issues. If Mr. Kane or other students have ideas for guests we could invite to help us achieve the balance we desire, we are open to considering them.

Frederick “Fritz” Mayer


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