The Bryan Center walkway reopened Saturday after construction delays prevented it from reopening in December, as was originally planned.

The walkway—which connects the main quadrangle to the plaza and the Bryan Center—is still only partially open, with a large section covered in construction equipment and the walkway to the Flowers building still closed.

Sarah Burdick, director of administration and special projects, declined to comment on when the rest of the walkway and the plaza will reopen. In a Jan. 27 article published in The Chronicle, Burdick said the plaza was being reconstructed and would not be reopened to the public until the crane was removed.

Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration, wrote in an email that the plaza’s opening would have wide-reaching changes on campus.

“This project, and the resulting outcome are simply transformative for West Campus,” he wrote.

Junior Jasmine Tsai said she was excited by the reopening, but not shocked it was delayed.

“When they give us a deadline [for a construction project being completed] I don’t really think of it as a deadline anymore,” Tsai said. “I think of it as a soft goal, but I never hold them to it because they never finish on time.”

She noted that despite the delay, she is excited about the opening of the walkway because it means she will be able to easily walk from the main quadrangle to the region around the Bryan Center.

Senior Jay Sullivan, a columnist for The Chronicle, wrote in an email that construction—and construction delays—have been a significant part of his undergraduate experience at Duke.

“I’m pleased that the [Devil's] Krafthouse and plaza were opened in time for seniors to enjoy them, and they are fantastic and welcome additions to campus,” Sullivan wrote. “However, the issue for me has not been this specific project so much as the multitude of projects that have dotted campus that make getting to class difficult or limit the options for food on campus.”

He added that with West Union soon to be reopened, he thinks some of the issues related to construction will be resolved and described the opening of the walkway as “a step in the right direction.”

Junior Danielle Kwon said the reopening of the walkway is already helping her daily commute to class.

“I am really excited because I live in Few currently, and I lived in Craven last year, and [the walkway] has shortened my travel time a lot because I have class in Sanford,” Kwon said. “I am really excited to have better access to food and classes.”

Freshman James Wang noted that he had mixed feelings about the walkway.

“I am really excited about the opening of the walkway because it is refreshing after all the construction,” Wang said. “However, I am pretty [annoyed] by the new design because it does not really fit with the Gothic architecture around the area.”

Sophomore Austin Gartside said he was excited for the walkway even though he has never been a student at Duke while the bridge was open. He said the opening of the walkway cut down his travel time to his dorm by about two minutes.

“I am pumped to not have to walk around the Chapel every time,” Gartside said.