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Environmental Alliance endorses John Guarco for DSG president

Duke Environmental Alliance endorses John Guarco for DSG President. John has demonstrated his commitment to the environment by speaking up for sustainability issues on Duke’s campus. Throughout our conversation with John, we were excited to learn about his plans to push for environmental change. As the only candidate with explicit environmental sustainability goals on his platform, John clearly demonstrates his support for our work as an environmental group and the need for more. In particular, John has already worked extensively with environmental groups such as Food for Thought to ban neonicotinoids on Duke’s campus. Furthermore, he seeks to collaborate with Sustainable Duke to augment their efforts of achieving Zero Waste Football games. John was clear in articulating his support for environmental issues, and we believe he is the most capable candidate in following through with a range of ideas that would reduce Duke’s carbon footprint. John’s experience with both Sustainable Duke and the Duke administration are invaluable for our interests as the Environmental Alliance.

Tara Bansal demonstrated an exemplary track record and working knowledge of the Duke administration. We were impressed by her plans to start a campus wide dialogue on environmental issues, particularly in calling for institutionalizing food sustainability through Meatless Monday discounts at Duke-maintained eateries. We welcomed Annie Adair’s plans to build inclusivity on Duke’s campus and thought she had great ideas in addressing Parking and Transportation issues. Furthermore, Bansal’s and Adair’s commitment to increasing the ease with which student groups engage with SOFC was refreshing. Although both of these candidates were able to indicate their commitment to doing more for the environment, their track records do not point to previous environmental work.

We enjoyed the chance to speak with all of the candidates and wish them the best of luck.

Jeff Feng, Trinity ‘17

Kelly Shen, Trinity ‘16

Environmental Alliance Co-Presidents


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