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Letter to the Editor

An open letter to the Crazies

Duke basketball has the best fans in the world, bar none. Or at least we used to have the best fans in the world. In my opinion, Cameron Indoor Stadium has lost some of its luster. And, with our beloved team in the midst of a three-game losing skid, the team needs us more than ever before. So, I would like to share a few observations from my perspective as someone who sits on the baseline looking in at the Crazies.

First of all, very few people jump and make noise on defense anymore. If you look up old footage of Duke basketball, you would see that every single Cameron Crazie jumped on defense. Today, only a handful of students are jumping on defense. So why is this important? It creates a loud and intimidating atmosphere that can turn the tide of a game. And, with our recent defensive form, it is more important than ever to help create defensive stops. It starts with us.

Second, I see no leadership from the line monitors. For the past few years, Michael Marion, beloved head monitor, would relentlessly start the chants and keep the energy going. With his graduation, no one has stepped up to take his place. It is up to the line monitors to find a suitable replacement, because it is unacceptable when the graduate students have to start the majority of the chants. The chants should come from the main student section.
Finally, and most importantly, get off your phone. Pay attention to the game! The team needs you to be focused on them, not on a screen. Selfies should not take priority over supporting your school.

So let's jump, chant and pay attention to the game, not your phone. Our team needs our help to get them back on track, and I believe that classic Cameron magic is the medicine our team needs.

Davis Lovvorn



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