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Letter from the editors

Dear readers,

We could use this space to wax poetic about how being a senior makes us yearn for our younger and more vulnerable years, we could mourn the days when we actually had a West Union and a Chapel we could go inside, we could go on about how all you bright-eyed underclassmen should take advantage of your carefree youth and explore all Durham has to offer before you’re bogged down in real-world problems like searching for a job and trying to graduate. We could do that. But we’d prefer not to.

It’s easy—in moments of panic—to look at our final Duke September as the beginning of the end. But it isn’t. This Fall doesn’t represent some kind of final run, at least not to us. Plenty have and will say that this is “our last go-round” and that we should “enjoy it while we can.” But truth be told, college doesn’t necessarily make up the “best years of your life.” The best years of your life aren’t determined by others, no matter how much they wish they could be in your shoes again. If 2015 is the best year of your life, that’s great! We hope you go get drunk and make memories and ace all your classes; really, we do. But the best year of your life could be in 15 years, or 30, or 50. We don’t know, and you don’t know, and that’s pretty great.

Either way—there’s a time for rhapsodizing about the wonder of college and getting philosophical about what might follow, and that time is called graduation. September is just the start, and this issue is part of that.


Nick + Emma


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