After interviewing both candidates, the Duke University Honor Council would like to formally endorse Tucker Albert for the position of Duke Student Government President. While we were impressed by Keizra Mecklai’s strong presence and vision, we believe that Tucker’s accomplishments with DSG and focus on social responsibility will make him an excellent advocate for Honor Council and leader for our student government.

In his work as the Vice President for Social Culture and in other endeavors, Tucker has put a special emphasis on ethics and social responsibility. He has worked towards making Duke’s campus a safer and more accessible place, and would be able to accomplish even more as DSG President. Additionally, Tucker spoke very honestly about his interest in increasing CAPS funding to make it an even better resource for students, as well as making PACT Training more prevalent.

In his interview, Tucker brought up an issue we have been vocal to administration about, which is how many ethical inquiry coded classes do not talk about ethics at all. He also proposed an idea of having all students in their first year take a class that focus on personal development, with an emphasis on ethics and values, which we believe could be a huge addition to Duke’s curriculum. Tucker seemed genuinely interested in forging a stronger, mutually beneficial relationship between DSG and Honor Council. He is a supporter of the work we do, and was curious to learn more about Honor Council and how we can better work together in the future to promote a more socially responsible campus.

We also felt that Tucker best represented our views that DSG should take the dialogue facilitated by groups around campus and create policy to enhance Duke, rather than focus primarily on facilitating the dialogue. We believe that as President, Tucker will be an advocate for ethics and moral courage at Duke, and for that reason we have chosen to give him our endorsement.

Dominique Beaudry

Trinity '15

Bryan Higgins

Pratt '18

Duke Honor Council