The main student entrance to the Bryan Center officially closed for construction over spring break and will not reopen again until the Summer.

The new entrance—scheduled to reopen by July 14—will feature a single set of doors and a glass entry mimicking the design of Penn Pavilion and the new West Union building currently undergoing construction. The construction is part of the overall plan to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the area.

“I just noticed it today,” said freshman Cindy Li. “I sat down with my coffee and was like ‘what is going on?’”

The outer set of doors of the old entrance had already been removed over winter break but students still had access to the plaza entrance until the week before spring break. The entrance to the University Store is serving as the primary interim means of entry to the Bryan Center.

“We have noticed an increase in traffic through the store, but it has not caused any disruptions,” said Jim Wilkerson, director of Trademark Licensing and Stores Operations.

When the University Store is closed, the Bryan Center can be accessed through the North entrance by the Bryan Center roundabout.

Still, some students think the project is an inconvenience.

“We are just trying to get from Point A to Point B in the fastest amount of time and Duke makes that increasingly harder every semester,” junior Umer Ahmed said.

Others were less annoyed at the inconvenience and more concerned about the financial side of the project.

“I just think it’s unnecessary to be spending money to be building pretty doors on buildings,” Li said.

According to the design plan, the new entrance is slated to be 26-feet tall and enclose 353-square feet. Central to the plan for the entrance is its use of light and translucent materials to create a soft glow. The entrance was designed by James Carpenter Design Associates. The same firm is responsible for the design of the bridge to the West Union building.