The Jewish Student Union endorses Anna Knight for the position of Young Trustee.

All three candidates possess strong qualities and would represent different facets of Duke’s undergraduate population. However, Knight was able to set herself apart as the strongest candidate for this position with her well-articulated vision for the undergraduate experience.

In particular, we were impressed with her commitment to the university’s emphasis on undergraduate research and her focus on making such opportunities available to all students. While effectively presenting her vision, she demonstrates an ability and willingness to represent the student body as a whole. In addition, she shows a realistic grasp on the scope of the position and what she can feasibly accomplish as Young Trustee.

Knight, as both a female and an engineer, also adds a voice for an underrepresented segment of Duke’s population to the Board of Trustees. Her experience as president of the Engineering Student Government shows her capability of effectively working with administration to enact policy to drive Duke forward.

Lastly, Knight’s acceptance to Duke’s BME PhD program ensures her presence in Durham for the next six years, providing a level of accessibility that the other candidates simply cannot provide.

The Jewish Student Union proudly puts our trust in Anna Knight to be a thoughtful and considerate decision-maker as the Young Trustee.

Jill Rubin, Executive VP, recused herself from this endorsement because of a conflict of interest.