Of the three candidates running for Young Trustee, the Duke Honor Council would like to formally endorse Anna Knight. We admired David’s well roundedness and ability to represent diverse students from his leadership experiences and believed Nikolai would successfully accomplish items while on the Board of Trustees. However, because of Anna’s background in academic integrity, clear passion to advocate on behalf of students and insightfulness into the nuanced issues on campus, we are confident that Anna Knight would best represent our student body in a strong yet professional manner.

Anna’s position as Engineering Student Government President has allowed her to gain experience advocating and crafting policies in a boardroom, and we have no doubt that this effectiveness would carry through to the Board of Trustees. We admire the work she has done strengthening academic honor in Pratt and we appreciate her dedication to moral courage and integrity. She has a firm knowledge of the Duke Community Standard and we strongly believe that her voice would effectively represent the Honor Council. Anna clearly understands the importance of honor and making it a critical value Duke prioritizes moving forward. As an incoming PhD student, her accessibility to campus and all of its occurrences excite us and we have faith that she will actually maintain communication with current students to best understand campus climate.

In addition, we feel that Anna’s ability to separate herself from the typical trustee candidate will serve the entire student body well. She brings a unique voice as a female and an engineer that our council believes should be heard. Her passion for CAPS accessibility and academic integrity policies go beyond the common trend, and her role in implementing Pratt solution manual policies demonstrate that she is willing to put in the work. We are proud to endorse such a well-rounded candidate and wish Anna the best of luck with her campaign.

Duke Honor Council