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New life as a Blue Devil, Part I

When pre-frosh visit Duke for Blue Devil Days, they learns a lot about Duke—perhaps, for instance, that there are parties all the time and there is a bar called Shooters right off of East Campus. But when they finally come as students, they learn that something comes before the “play hard” in Duke’s motto—“work hard.” So the students study, and they study, and they study.

In the first of three photo series this week, see ten illustrated instances of what a new Blue Devil might experience in his or her first semester on campus. Look out for the next photo essays on Tuesday and Wednesday.

1. Studying all together by ourselves. Always social or forever alone. Can’t really tell…

2. Maybe if I pretend the giant book in front of me isn’t there, it will go away.

3. Student on armchair, next to table, by a window, near a rug, in a room, reading a book about prepositional phrases.

4. Uuuhhhh….

5. Everything needed to survive the apocalypse is right here! Except food…

6. Quiet! Or else she’ll notice us!

7. Step 1: Write this paper. Step 2: Get an A. Step 3: Displace Hilary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate. Did I skip a step?

8. See, we can be social and study at the same time. Group studying, right guys? I said, “Right, guys?” Guys?

9. My doctor says I’m allergic to iron. It makes me swoll.

A picture worth so many words, but best to leave them unsaid. ?

Matthew Rock is a freshman from Orange, CA. He has a Cyndaquil plush doll, a Grumpy Cat stuffed animal, and a toy frog from The Book of Mormon all on the bookshelf in his dorm room, and thankfully they get along pretty well.


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