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In Case You Missed It 10/10

Duke has the seventh-most expensive on-campus housing of colleges in the United States. Awesome.

Several Ph.D. students have gone on a hunger strike in solidarity with Kobane, an area on the Turkish border being targeted by ISIS. They are hoping to bring attention to an area that hasn't received much international support thus far.

Duke has been dominating in the canine world Evolutionary anthropology professor Brian Hare was featured on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper. They talked about dogs. Alumnus John Pilley has helped train the smartest dog in the world.

John Wayne's family is trying to trademark his nickname "Duke" and sell things like Duke-brand bourbon which Duke, the University, isn't a huge fan of.

“They had on these masks that made them look like creepy little babies.” Three streakers wearing masks ran through an Economics 101 lecture at UNC Chapel Hill on Thursday. The professor proceeded to chase them down and steal their masks. Do better UNC (not that we're surprised).

Duke Support is a new support group for survivors of sexual assault on campus.

People in Colorado think that the Advanced Placement curriculum makes history seem too negative and forgets about positive things like that time America ending slavery voluntarily. Professor of romance studies Laurent Dubois thought that was funny and made a cool new hashtag: #voluntaryhistory.

The plaza entrance to the Bryan Center will close next semester for..wait for Surprise!

Duke scientists have made a super fancy full body camera that can tell whether moles are cancerous.

People are freaking out over ebola but in the United States the chances of becoming infected are pretty slim. English professor Priscilla Wald was quoted in the New York Times saying part of the fascination is because ebola is so dramatic.