Another student traffic route will be blocked due to construction, as work is set to begin on renovations to the Bryan Center entrance.

The construction—which will begin over spring break—is set to conclude during Summer 2015. The main doorway between Panda Express and Joe Van Gogh will close for the entirety of this time to allow the construction of a new glass facade onto the plaza. Students will be able to enter through the University Store during its operating hours and the traffic-circle entrance at any point.

“There shouldn’t be much inconvenience because of it,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta.

The entrance is being renovated to improve the environment inside and around the Bryan Center.

“The new glass entry will allow more natural light inside the Bryan Center during the day, and will glow with artificial lighting in the evening,” said Sarah Burdick, director of administration and special projects.

The inspiration for the space was influenced by the design of other buildings in the vicinity, such as Penn Pavilion, she said. The entry's increased high will give the space a greater distinction, Burdick said.

“It’s all part of the overall plan to make better use of all the buildings surrounding the plaza providing both better functionality and aesthetics,” Moneta said. “This is the near final part of the overall renovation process the Bryan Center has been undergoing for the last year.”

One advantage of the redesign is that it will allow for easier access to the building with only one layer of doors instead of the current two.

“The current circulation was identified as problematic, especially during peak student flow hours,” Burdick said.

The work could not happen earlier because the University Store was undergoing renovations and both entrances could not be taken out of service simultaneously, Burdick explained.

Several students expressed concern about the disruption caused by the closure.

"I think it will be inconvenient, and it's unnecessary," freshman Brooke Huang said.

James Carpenter Design Associates designed the 250 square-foot space. It is also responsible for the new bridge to the West Campus Union currently being constructed.