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Haven't had a chance to read those newsletters flooding your inbox? Feeling unconnected with the world outside those stone brick walls? Not to worry. The Chronicle's Big Blog is excited to introduce a weekly roundup of news stories about the University and Durham that may have slipped through your radar.

A swamp creature recently uncovered in Africa has been named Jaggermeryx naida in honor of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger by a team of researchers including Greg Gunnell, a paleontologist at the Duke Lemur Center. The crooner and creature both share the trait of luscious lips. Angelina jolie was another potential namesake but ultimately Jagger’s lips won out.

Female baboons that exhibit overall more sociable behavior, particularly those that have male friends also tend to live longer, according to study of more than 200 baboons in Kenya that biology professors Susan Alberts and Jenny Tung. Moral of the story: science says friendship, is a good thing.

Crimestoppers is offering rewards to anyone who may have information about robberies at a local Chick-fil-a and a Subway this past week.

Modern medicine’s da real MVP. Duke University Health System joined the “1,000 Hearts Club” for putting lots of hearts in people.

Plug it in, plug it in. Chief marketing officers at 351 of the top marketing agencies have said they expect to be spending more than 20 percent of their budgets on social media in the next five years. Often motivated by stats in their business decisions, only approximately 15 percent of the CMOs have a quantitative way of demonstrating social media has an impact on business outcomes, according to a Fuqua study conducted by Christine Moorman.

Political groups on-campus and in the broader North Carolina community are figuring out ways to get people to vote in midterm elections because the N.C. General Assembly got ride of voting options. Are politicians making it harder to vote? Hmm.

The Nasher Museum of Art will be opening Miro: The Experience of Seeing exhibit on Sunday, featuring works by Spanish-born artist Joan Miro. The exhibition will include 27 sculptures, 18 paintings and six drawings he completed over the course of his career.

RTP to the rescue, maybe. Two companies in the Triangle might be getting close to a cure for ebola, the disease that has wreaked havoc in the western region of Africa.

Two-thirds of Teach for America’s 2014 corps consists of graduating college seniors. As of August 2014, Duke University is one of the top 10 medium sized schools that contribute teachers to TFA but the short-term nature of the TFA model has received criticism with Durham County recently having discontinued its relationship with the teacher-placement program.

Duke University was ranked No. 7 on Her Campus’ 2014 rankings for “The Most Insta-Worthy Campuses.” #dukechapel #instalife #chapelgram

Who run the world? Girls, occasionally. Pratt is working on increasing the number of undergraduate women pursuing engineering majors.