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The chimes at midnight

Goodbye, Duke.

Goodbye doing homework past when it was due. And goodbye thinking of all of those excuses, too.

Goodbye taking classes. Goodbye modes of inquiry, course requirements and wondering if I’ll pass this.

Goodbye Perkins and trying to find a table in the Link. Goodbye working all night, past when I could think.

Goodbye professors I loved and professors I hated. And goodbye TAs, who I sometimes appreciated.

Goodbye dorm rooms and late-night antics. Goodbye decorating walls with scantily-clad chicks.

Goodbye tenting. Goodbye cold nights in the mud ‘till a line-check marked the end. Goodbye knowing it was worth it, staying up late with a friend. Goodbye Section 17 and getting packed in like sardines.

Goodbye, Tailgate.

Goodbye Chik-fil-A from campus, except for the bowl game. Goodbye ineptitude being the source of the football team’s fame.

Goodbye, Dillo.

Goodbye, Cosmic. Goodbye to late-night burritos finished the next day. Goodbye Dragon Gate lady, who gets angrier every day.

Goodbye Shooters, the bull, the Hells Angels bouncers and more. Goodbye sweating on that grimy dance floor.

Goodbye Alivia’s, Satis and Devine’s. Goodbye paying cover and waiting on lines.

Goodbye fraternities. Goodbye sororities. Goodbye mixers, date functions and formals. Goodbye pretending like ‘80s-themed parties are normal.

Goodbye Durham, Monuts and Nana’s. Goodbye Cookout milkshakes, preferably strawberry-banana.

Goodbye visiting friends sleeping on couches. Goodbye playing video games, then sleeping on couches.

Goodbye Instagrams of the chapel at night. Goodbye Instagrams of the chapel in the light. Goodbye Instagrams of the gardens in the sun.

Goodbye finishing childhood and becoming an adult, almost yet. Goodbye to innocence, our last safety net.

Goodbye getting smarter but acting all stupid.

Goodbye, Duke.

Andrew Beaton is a Trinity senior. He has worked for The Chronicle for four years, serving as the paper's sports editor during his junior year. He would like to blame his two older brothers, Eric and Greg, and his father for raising him to be a Mets, Jets and Knicks fan. And more importantly, he would like to thank his mother for surviving a household with four guys and doing everything in the world possible to foster his love for sports.


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