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Duke Mi Gente opposes The 40 Percent Plan

After meeting with student representatives for and against The 40 Percent Plan, Mi Gente is announcing its opposition against the plan’s negative impacts on the Duke community. As an organization that receives the majority of its funds from the University Cultural Fund and not the Student Organization Funding Committee, Mi Gente still has genuine concerns for student organizations that may not be guaranteed an extensive amount of funding due to low active general body participation. In addition, The 40 Percent Plan has the potential to give additional power to larger groups that historically have had their voice heard on campus while further marginalizing smaller groups who present greater demonstrated need. As a unified minority group, our mission as an organization is to help prevent this from taking place.

While the debate centered on The 40 Percent Plan has done a tremendous job in promoting transparency around the logistics of SOFC, we do not believe it provides the most effective way in addressing the inadequacies of SOFC. During this time, Mi Gente has had the opportunity to note some of SOFC’s shortcomings, and we look forward to working with SOFC and DSG in finding new and more equitable ways for SOFC to improve.

One suggestion from Mi Gente is to promote more cultural diversity within the committee. The inclusion of individuals who are actively involved in cultural groups as well as demonstrate an understanding of the significance of the events held by these groups is extremely important in ensuring a diverse Duke. Increased transparency of how to become involved in SOFC and promotion of the application to a wide array of groups will help improve the likelihood of a more diverse and culturally sensitive SOFC.

Mi Gente Executive Council


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