Whether for interminably long nights of breakneck studying or nights with friends that pass too quickly, McClendon Tower provides a mix of environments for the multitasking Duke student.

Forming one of the corners of Keohane Quad, McClendon, or “the Tower,” features a moat-like walkway and stone crenellations. Unlike its medieval predecessors, however, McClendon is a warm, multipurpose area that provides comfortable spaces for studying, eating and socializing.

For a casual work environment, pop by the swinging tables and benches that dot the walkway outside McClendon. Although there is a high amount of traffic from students making their way to dorms in Edens, one might welcome the distraction of good company while struggling through assignments.

Students working on group projects can also book closed rooms on the third floor of the Tower, where thick walls and carpeting produce a wonderfully quiet, muffled environment. Just below is another study space with a conveniently-placed ePrint location and access to the 24/7 diner, Pitchfork Provisions, which takes up the bottom floor.

“You can stay there late, and there’s tables, outlets, bar stools and food right downstairs. It has it all,” said Allison Finley, a senior who frequents McClendon Tower.

Providing round-the-clock dining, Pitchfork Provisions is perfect for midnight breakfasts or a post-all-nighter reward. Bella Union, directly accessible from the walkway, sits at the top of the Tower and offers students a relaxing yet upbeat atmosphere. The vibe extends to Bella’s workers as well.

“Why work here? Because there’s food right here and drinks right here and music in the background," said sophomore Christina Cesarz, who works a late-night shift at Bella Union. "Studying is stressful, so you need workers who are peppy and happy."