Students respond to housing model

This year marks the second year of the new housing model, which increased the number of residential houses, granted sections to Panhellenic Council sororities and Multicultural Greek Council and gave independents the right to return to their dormitory from the previous year. The Chronicle's Melissa Zhang spoke with students about their thoughts on the new system.

“[I’m living in Cooper this year] with friends though I’m not technically in the SLG. I feel like they’re really getting to know my block and it’s great to have a cohesive group living together. They’re really low key so it’s just a chill environment.”—Sophomore Jennifer Yland

“I’m living in Crowell DD with my SLG. It’s a great location—close to the Wilson gym and you can hear the sirens during tenting for basketball games.”—Junior Kenny Johnson

“Crowell is really nice cause it’s on-campus and really close to everything. The only problem is it doesn’t have A/C.”—Junior David Dame-Boye.

“I’m living on Central with my SLG. I had the choice to live off-campus but I chose to stay cause I’m with a group of people I’m really close with. Living in an apartment on Central with your own living space and kitchen also makes you feel like a real person.”—Senior Sarah Ludwig

“I could live with my sorority but I really like my roommate who I was randomly assigned to freshman year so we moved to Central together. The apartments were just renovated too—I got a stainless steel fridge just by asking.”—Sophomore Holly McLean

“I got put into Keohane Dorm randomly and my roommate is a senior. All the people are awesome and having A/C is really nice too. The new housing system of naming the dorms and allowing people to stay in their houses really seems to foster a sense of community.”—Sophomore Leila Samuels

“I was a special case since I was randomly placed in Edens, the arts theme house. It’s pretty far back near Pitchforks Provisions though.”—Junior Lalita Maraj

“I’m living in Erwin Mills which is an apartment complex off east campus. It’s pretty convenient and nicer than I thought- Erwin was an old tobacco warehouse that they converted so some of the rooms are worn down. It’s two stories too.”—Senior Kyle Bennett

“I’m living with my fraternity in Edens. Not a big fan of the location because it’s a five minute walk from the quad but the best part is definitely the A/C.”—Sophomore Sarey Hamarneh

“Living in Edens with my fraternity is pretty cool—the rooms are set up in pods around a common room so the setup is nice in terms of fostering community.”—Sophomore Oscar Wang

“I like living in Crowell because it’s an awesome location and more convenient than other dorms”—Sophomore Christine Nunez

“I’m in a sorority but I’m living on West in Few with a block of girls from my sorority. It’s the best of both worlds because I get to live with them but I still get to live in the Duke caste—and it’s really conveniently located.”—Sophomore Caitlyn Gold

“I’m living on Central campus with my sorority. The bus is a little inconvenient but I love having an apartment. It’s great.”—Sophomore Kelsey Sumner



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