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Fedja Pavlovic drops from DSG VP race

Sophomore Fedja Pavlovic has withdrawn from the race for Duke Student Government vice president for residential life.

Pavlovic’s withdrawal comes one day after flyers were posted around campus accusing the candidate of sexually assaulting another student. Pavlovic denied these allegations Friday, calling the flyers slanderous and libelous.

“Due to the irretrievable public damage done to myself and my campaign I feel that I can no longer compete on equitable terms in the Duke Student Government elections and I decide to withdraw from the race,” Pavlovic wrote in an official statement sent to The Chronicle via email Saturday afternoon.

Pavlovic declined to comment further on the allegations, noting that they concern “sensitive, very intimate issues of personal nature with which [he] had to deal in recent past.”

Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, which requires schools to gain a student's consent prior to the disclosure of education or behavioral information, University officials declined to comment on Pavlovic’s disciplinary record.

The Office of Student Conduct, however, complied with Pavlovic’s request to have the flyers removed from campus, Pavlovic said in a later Facebook message.

In the DSG race, Pavlovic was only opposed by sophomore Jacob Zionce, the current vice president for residential life, who will now be running unopposed.


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