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Duke students sound off as results roll in

On Election Day, Duke students gathered across campus to watch the outcome of the presidential election. From the Sanford School of Public Policy to The Loop, students held a variety of reactions to the course of the election night. The Chronicle spoke with students about the race and what President Barack Obama’s victory meant to them.

“I thought Obama won what he was supposed to. Not winning North Carolina seemed off, but other than that I was happy.”

—Freshman Samit Patel, at the Sanford watch party

“I’m excited to be here with my peers. It’s great to see Duke students excited about the elections. I’m waiting to see how Ohio turns out since I’m from there and sent in my absentee ballot. I feel like it’s going to be close, but that Obama will pull it out for another four years.”

—Junior Jacob Robinson, prior to the election results

“I voted for Obama, but at the same time I’m not ecstatic either way. I feel more comfortable with Obama getting elected, but I’m not popping champagne.”

—Freshman Fred Heller, an independent voter at the Sanford watch party

“I feel like s**t right now.”

—Freshman Nick Sam, on America’s indecisiveness on the candidates

“I’m really surprised it’s been as close as it has been after some of the things Mitt Romney said after campaigning—I didn’t think it would be as close as it turned out to be. I was also surprised with Ohio—I thought it would be a Republican state this year.”

—Kendall Strickland, an employee at The Loop

“I’m a resident of Florida but since both North Carolina and Florida are swing states, I voted here. It turns out Florida is closer, so I wish I had sent [an absentee ballot] in.”

—Junior Sofia De Goytisolo

“I’m thrilled. I was worried about how close this was going to be, but I am really happy and proud of all the people who voted—it’s a relief.”

—Junior Audrey Adu-Appiah

“I was pretty happy mainly because environmental issues are important to me and I think Obama has clearer ideas on that.”

—Sophomore Kevin Nikolaus


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