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Soundoff: LDOFinals

The last day of finals came and went and students, amidst the stress of finding storage and a ride to RDU, were able to reflect on their year(s) at Duke. It's a nostalgic time but a happy one too. The Chronicle's Roshni Jain spoke with Dukies about their sentiments and goodbyes. 

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"Thanks to Duke I have a new favorite holiday: LDOC"

– John Bowman, Trinity '15

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"This year has made me a true blue Devil. How could I not feel blue? I mean, no one else gets the privilege to be as cool as us."

– Lawrence Nemeh, Trinity '15

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"People always say that Duke becomes your home away from home, after this year, I would have to say its become my home."

– Nitihin Pusapati, Trinity '15

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"And we worked. And we played. And we laughed. And had a really really really good time."

– Sophia Durand, Trinity '15

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"Awaaz withdrawal. All the time."

– Ray Liu, Trinity '15

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"Freshman year has been an extraordinary experience for me - I have made an extremely diverse group of friends and had the opportunity to explore my culture in much more depth; all the while, I have continuously pushed myself to accomplish the most and have the best time I can."

– Abhishek Balakrishnan, Pratt '15

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"It's been a grand. I came into this year with much more clarity and conviction after a great summer experience. Getting a little bit of perspective when away from Duke let me be much more deliberate with my time here."

– Ramy Korshed, Pratt '14

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"This year has been absolutely incredible! I had the opportunity to star in the biggest theatrical production to ever happen at Duke (Ragtime). I would definitely call that a high point in my life!"

– Martavius Parrish, Trinity '14

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"First semester was really tough academics-wise, which also cut into opportunities to just hang out, but I think it was that way for a lot of people. Spring semester was ten times better!"

– Naureen Huda, Trinity '14

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"I can't believe the year is was a stressful year academically so I am totally ready for the summer. but that means I am almost a junior in college? Where has the time gone?"

– Swetha Iruku, Trinity '14

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"I came, I saw, I survived…barely."

– Tessema Alpha, Trinity '13

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"I feel like I came into this year with the goal of focusing on relationships with friends and really just enjoying what Duke had to offer and I think I accomplished that."

– David Oberst, Pratt '12

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"Everything that you do on this campus has the potential to shape someone else for a lifetime. In that light, they rightly determine the actions you take and the decisions you make. Take the full gravity of that, hold it in your hands, yet laugh and be joyful. That's the challenge of life here at Duke and beyond."

– Jason Wong, Trinity '12

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"It's cool to reflect on my senior year and realize that I've accomplished things that a year ago I didn't think I could do."

– Kevin Lieberman, Pratt '12


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