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Blue Devil Days Soundoff

Hundreds of prospective freshmen are visiting campus over the next week for Blue Devil Days. Admitted students will discover what it means to be a Blue Devil, including learning about academic opportunities, co-curricular programs, the advising process and financial aid. They are also staying with current Duke students to get a taste of campus life. The Chronicle’s Jack Mercola spoke with prospective freshmen and hosts about their Blue Devil Days experience.

“President [Richard] Brodhead was pretty cool. I thought the president was going to be kind of dull, but he was funny. That was surprising.”

—Morgan Ramsey, prospective student from Philadelphia, Penn.

“I was hosted at Blue Devil Days last year, and I’m part of the [First-Year Advisory Counselor] program for next year, so I want to my p-frosh to realize what a well-balanced school this is, just like I did last year.”

—freshman Emily Cohen, Blue Devil Days host

“I’ve met a lot of people from New York.”

—John Wilhoite, prospective student from Cartersville, Ga.

“I like that you got to meet a lot of possible classmates. I saw Biology 101, and I thought it would be scary because it was so big, but I liked it a lot. And I’m most looking forward to getting to know the campus—this is my first time visiting. I need to figure out everything I can about Duke so I can make a decision.”

—Kathy Zhu, prospective student from Houston, Texas

“I’ve loved everything and everyone here.”

—Jordyn Turner, prospective student from Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

“I need to take my p-frosh to [Shooters II]—the real college life.”

—freshman Jon Remedios, Blue Devil Days host

“I went to an organic chemistry class early in the morning—it was great. And I accidentally left a piece of luggage on the C-1, but I went to a bus driver, and he radioed it in and I had my bag within 10 minutes.”

—Rebecca Brenner, prospective student from Charlotte, N.C.

“When I first came to the campus, there weren’t really people helping me out. Duke could get more students involved [in Blue Devil Days] and guide us through the day. I wish there were people to show us around the Bryan Center.”

—Arjun Adaba, prospective student from Clarksville, Md.

“There is nothing I have not liked about Blue Devil Days. I love the campus. I love how everything is pretty guided, but we still have the freedom to explore what we want. I’m pretty sure I’m coming to Duke.”

—Travis Fox, prospective student from Seattle, Wash.

“I’m excited to see residential life. We’ve seen a lot of lectures, but I want to experience a normal night at Duke.”

—Jack Holds, prospective student from St. Louis, Mo.

“I’m going to show my P-frosh that we really have everything at Duke.”

—freshman Kayla Bakhshian, Blue Devil Days host


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