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Nudists, adult films and a Rhodes scholarship

This post is part of our series called Welcome to Academia, which gives weekly updates about the interesting, weird and newsworthy happenings at Duke’s peer institutions.

On Friday, Rice University sophomore Will Meyers ran the Halloween Baker 13, where runners stripped naked, covered their body in shaving cream, ran around campus and and left body prints on windows across campus. Meyers jumped against a window at the University's library, causing him to cut his upper leg, according to the Rice Thresher. At the time of the accident, the Baker 13 group was reportedly on its way to join a wedding ceremony.

Yale University senior quarterback Patrick Witt has been selected to be a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship, and his interview is scheduled for the same day as the Harvard vs. Yale football game Nov. 19, according to Yale Daily News. A history major with a 3.91 GPA, Witt applied for the scholarship from Georgia, so his interview is scheduled to take place at Emory University. Witt told the Daily News that he hopes the Rhodes Committee will be willing to work with him and allow him to interview in the morning so that he can fly back to Yale for the game.

When the alumni brothers of Vanderbilt University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity attended its homecoming party Saturday, they created at least $12,000 of damage, according to an email sent to the alumni listserv from the fraternity officers leaked to Deadspin. Damages included two destroyed walls, 17 broken windows, three broken exit signs, paint splattered around the bar, every toilet in the house clogged, two discharged fire extinguishers and a slur painted on the basketball goal, which was also broken. Every room in the house was destroyed—the social chair's room, for example, had eight champagne bottles and seven handles of liquor were smashed on the floor, vomit covering the bed and a couch placed upside down in the vomit.

Purdue University released to a California film company the name of a student who illegally downloaded an adult video, according to Associated Press. The student's name was not exposed until the U.S. court ruled in favor Third Degree Films' right to judicial process, which outweighed the student's right to remain anonymous. The film company's search for the student's name is part of its larger efforts to discover the identities of more than 2,000 people who have reportedly also downloaded copyrighted adult videos.

Harvard University dropout Mark Zuckerberg will return to the University on Monday for the first time since 2004, according to the Crimson. Zuckerberg's visit to Harvard is part of an East Coast recruiting trip, where he will visit Harvard, MIT and Carnegie Mellon University, targeting computer science and electrical and computer engineers for Facebook internships.


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