Freshmen Move-In Soundoff

FACs help freshmen and their families move in on Tuesday.
FACs help freshmen and their families move in on Tuesday.

More than 1,700 freshmen flooded East Campus Tuesday to move into their homes for the next year. The Chronicle’s Chelsea Pieroni, Tyler Seuc and Melissa Yeo caught up with the Class of 2015—along with their first-year advisory counselors, resident assistants and family members—to capture the enthusiasm, chaos and sometimes tears that mark move-in and the start of orientation week—a rite of passage in every Duke student’s career.

“It’s quieter than I expected,” —freshman Austin Powers of Boca Raton, Fla., on move-in.

“His feelings right now? He just wants his parents to leave,” —joked freshman mom Amy Robertson, of Fairfax, Va.

“We’re far more excited about move-in day than the freshmen,” —sophomores Megan McSherry and Shikha Nayar. Both are FACs for Belltower residence hall.

“The energy and enthusiasm is overwhelming and you can’t not smile,” —junior and head FAC, Ashely Alman said as the song “Soulja Boy” blared in the background. “[Orientation week] makes me want to be a first-year again.”

“We only asked for two things: people to help move stuff, and good weather, and somehow you guys managed to arrange both,” —freshman father David Sarda of Palm Beach, Fla. said.

“I did [Project] Build, so I have all these friends already, and I’m a lot more relaxed... I was nervous before that, but not now,”—freshman Samantha Schafrank of Malvern, Pa., said.

“Excited, a little nervous... I probably brought way more stuff than I need,” —freshman Erica Gendell of Westport, Conn. on how she feels about move-in.

“I feel like it’s taken forever to get here,” —freshman Annie Mulholland of Portland, Ore.

“I’m really thrilled to be here. My niece has had her sights set on Duke since the 7th grade, and now she finally has her wish,”—Maisie Marsh of Riverdale, Mld.

“It’s an incredibly exciting day to have 1700+ people moving in over the course of six hours .... You’ve got people excited about lifting stuff. What more can you ask for?” —Joe Gonzalez, associate dean for Housing, Dining and Residence Life.


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