Catching up with... Jon Scheyer

During the ninth annual K Academy last week, The Chronicle had the chance to catch up with the Duke coaching staff as well as former players. Here are some highlights from what Jon Scheyer had to say, much of which was printed in The Chronicle today.

  • On the 2010 national championship team: "It was the most unselfish team, the toughest team I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone was in it for the right reasons and I think that’s very hard to find. I’m not saying there are teams where people are selfish but everyone cared about winning and I think that’s very rare…. It was such a special group to be a part of."
  • On being reunited with Lance Thomas and Brian Zoubek: "It’s great being back here. It kind of gives us a chance to reminisce. I think at the end of last year, it just got so hectic we didn’t really have a chance to just go out to dinner one night or anything. So it’s great to have an opportunity now."
  • On his playing future: "[Overseas] is still an option, but my goal has always been to play in the NBA so I think I’ll sort through it. It makes it difficult with the lockout, but I'll just stay ready whenever the opportunity comes. I'll probably go to a few minicamps.... There’s been some unique challenges that I’ve had in the past year that I haven’t really had in my life. In terms of basketball, it’s kind of the first time where I don’t know where I’ll be playing next season so that’s been the toughest part for me."
  • On his rooting interest in the NBA Finals (after Game 1): "I have a lot of respect for their organization and the way they handled everything with me through my injury. It’s tough. I’m a Nowitzki fan, I love LeBron, so it’s hard to say. I think it’s going to be a long series, I think it’s going to be really competitive."


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