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Trending: Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves of the things Dukies wear on campus that they cannot stand. I have 25 of them, probably more. I walk down the quad some days wondering what people were thinking when they woke up—or did they just roll out of bed? Please get dressed in the morning: really, it doesn’t take very long, and you will look ten times better for the rest of the day. You could even use this wonderfully helpful list of fashion no-no’s to guide you—post it next to your mirror, which is another stop you should take before you walk out the door.

No. 1 - Cargo shorts

No. 2 - Calf-socks

No. 3 - Rain boots on sunny days (read the weather report)

No. 4 - Wearing free t-shirts within one day of receiving them

No. 5 - Beer-logo hats

No. 6 - High-waisted jeans

No. 7 - Pinnies before noon and not on Friday

No. 8 - Flashing the guns during class

No. 9 - American Apparel spandex dresses

No. 10 - Uggs (so 2008)

No. 11 - Multiple plaids (plaid-on-plaid)

No. 12 - Longchamp bag (be original)

No. 13 - Pedal pushers

No. 14 - See-through leggings (especially in white)

No. 15 - Satin (always a bad choice)

No. 16 - Night makeup during the day

No. 17 - Camo (who are you hiding from?)

No. 18 - The Chronicle national championship t-shirt

No. 19 - Hunter Boots with Hunter socks

No. 20 - Loafers with gym shorts

No. 21 - Cotton crop tops

No. 22 - Neon sorority t-shirts

No. 23 - Spandex shorts outside of the gym

No. 24 - Tory Burch ballet flats

No. 25 - Critter shorts!


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