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Trending: Make your own espresso

Sometimes Alpine’s brewed beans just won’t cut it. You’re exhausted, falling asleep—even Red Bull is of no avail. It’s time to step things up and move on to the coffee drink for adults: espresso. Italians drink several of these mini pick-me-ups a day, yet most of us still settle for watery, drab drip coffee.

-Cost used to be the biggest barrier to students considering a permanent switch to espresso. But now a trusty Hamilton Beach machine can be had for under $70 on the ‘net.

-The key to making perfect espresso is finding a tasty and fresh coffee source. We recommend Bustello Supreme, a Cuban classic. Brew a “cortadito”—½ shot of espresso, ½ shot of steamed milk, sugar. Stir vigorously.

-Addicted to “Charlie Sheen”? Try switching to coffee, a less potent drug. Begin your “radical” experience with a Nespresso Pod machine, the Porsche of bean blasters. Drop a pod into the machine, press play and you’ll have a fresh cup in seconds. Be a #winner for only $150.


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