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Skip the bus. Ride a bike.

Two wheels, a spoke and a chain are the hippest transport accessories this fall. Grad students, the Bedford Ave wannabes in Durham, and your favorite professors have been riding one-speeds to class for years. It is about time that the undergrads kicked up their kickstands and used some calf muscle to get to class.

For the sake of time, not just yours but everyone one around you peddle to campus. Riding to class, meetings, lunch will get you there faster. Driving to campus and then looking for a space in Blue Zone, only to find out that today like every other day is not your lucky day – the first lot is full – and the only empty spot is in the last lot on the right, aka Siberia.

Or if you decide to ride the bus instead of walking and your class happens to get out at the same time as Psych 11. Welcome to Sardine-land. Bus drivers yell, people push, things get ugly. On a bike you are spared the olfactory assault of Axe – Eau de Freshman boy – and can park right in front of class.

Dukies are always looking for a way to squeeze exercise into their schedules - why not exercise on the way to class? And a few words to those stationary bike riders and spinning fanatics: tires on pavement burn more calories!

Plus, you will look sexy-sweet riding. That is if you have the right ride. You can’t ride just any bike. The Huffys of your childhood neighborhood bike gangs are out like Beanie Babies, but one-speeds are the perfect campus accessory. You can start with a pre-loved beater or a titanium frame. Either way, the Durham Bike Co-op is a good place to start. Contrary to what many believe you can wear whatever you want when you ride a bike. Channel Lance or Provence and start peddling, just leave the streamers behind.

Helmet hair is not sexy, but the brain-saving contraptions are. If you are worried about your locks, go for the brain buckets as they block windflow and protect your noodle: mom and dad will be happy their investment doesn’t end splattered on Chapel Drive.


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