LIVE BLOG: Duke 6, Notre Dame 5 (FINAL)

Duke 6, Notre Dame 5, GAME OVER: CJ Costabile with the goal! It's all over, only five seconds into the overtime period! Wow. Who would have thought it would be Costabile—he only has four goals all season.

Duke wins its first ever national championship in a low-scoring affair with a thrilling conclusion. The team just ran off the field, with all their sticks and helmets still on it, while carrying the national championship trophy. We're done here—hope you enjoyed the game.

Duke 5, Notre Dame 5, END OF REGULATION: No shots from Quinzani or Howell or Crotty for the game-winning goal—no, it was Turri who had two shot attempts in the final minute. The first came with 20 seconds left, when he took a shot that went wide left of the goal and bounced off defender Andrew Irving's chest. An in-and-out penalty gave Duke another shot at the game, but Turri went over the goal on his second attempt.

In other news: This is officially the lowest-scoring game in NCAA championship game history. Records are made to be broken!

Duke 5, Notre Dame 5, 1:38 left in the game: We just saw a huge save by Rodgers with 1:47 left to stop what looked like an easy Duke goal (how many times have I typed that today?). The Blue Devils called timeout after the botched opportunity to potentially take the game-winning goal, and we'll see what they do now.

37,126 attended today's game, by the way. That's markedly off the semifinals, but it's understandable—not many Wahoo hats in the crowd today.

Duke 5, Notre Dame 5, 3:00 left in the game: Notre Dame was unable to take advantage of the extra-man after a Justin Turri pushing call, and now we've got an Irish timeout. Notre Dame has possession, so we'll see if it's able to break this tie. Only three minutes left—strap in.

Duke 5, Notre Dame 5, 7:22 left in the game: Right through the five-hole! Justin Turri just tied it all up at five with his first goal of the game.

Before the goal, Wigrizer made a potentially very important save with 9:54 left in the contest. The Irish won the faceoff, barreled down the field and slung a quick shot at the goalie. Wigrizer deflected it away, though, and prevented the Irish from going two up.

Duke 4, Notre Dame 5, 11:25 left in the game: Shot—good, by Sean Rogers off an impressive feed from David Earl. Notre Dame now has its first lead of the game since the Blue Devils tied it up with 13 minutes left in the first quarter.

In other news: Three shots, two saves by Rodgers, just on the first Duke offensive sequence of the quarter. Have I mentioned yet it's tough to get it past him?

Duke 4, Notre Dame 4, end of the third quarter: Notre Dame just tied the game up on a goal scored by Brenneman, giving him a hat trick for the game. It was a monster of a shot—standing around the 30-yard line, the junior cocked his stick back and rifled it past Wigrizer.

Other than that, not much more to note in this insanely low-scoring affair. The Irish have certainly succeeded in stopping Duke's attack, creating a game that is now record-breaking in its dearth of offense: The eight combined goals so far has set an NCAA championship game record for fewest goals scored through three quarters.

Duke 4, Notre Dame 3, 2:52 left in the third quarter: With 8:23 left in the period Wigrizer saved his third shot of the day by snagging it just right of his head. That made two back-to-back series where he stopped good shot attempts by the Irish with even better saves. Then, with 4:05 left in the quarter, he was helped a little bit by a bad shot too high of the goal, stopping the Notre Dame series. But still, his increasingly strong play is a promising sign for Duke.

Duke 4, Notre Dame 3, 8:56 left in the third quarter: Rogers is just such a physical specimen, not to mention a very, very difficult guy to get a shot by, that every time a Blue Devil does manage to score on him, it seems almost unexpected—a feeling I never got Saturday. Nevertheless, Duke has regained the lead after Howell ran around the left side of the goal, then leaped in the air and shot a one-hopper into the side of the net.

Duke 3, Notre Dame 3, 13:25 left in the third quarter: Only a minute and change into the second half, and it's now a tie game. Notre Dame's David Earl scored his 22nd goal of the season off a great diving shot right in front of the net, completely fooling Wigrizer. We shall see if this marks the beginning of a more high-scoring half.

Duke 3, Notre Dame 2, HALFTIME: Duke missed what looked like a surefire scoring opportunity with five seconds left in the half due to another amazing save from Rodgers. He has six saves in the half, while Wigrizer has only one.

Some more stats:

  • Duke leads Notre Dame 14-8 in ground balls picked up during the half.
  • The Irish have 19 shots to the Blue Devils' 13.
  • Notre Dame has won four faceoffs, while Duke has won three.
  • And, here's the ultimate statistic to take away from that offensively challenged half: The five combined goals by both teams ties the record for the lowest scoring half in NCAA championship history.

Duke 3, Notre Dame 2, 1:11 left in the second quarter: Goal! I was beginning to think we might see an entire quarter without scoring from either team. (The quarter has been full of good defensive lacrosse, if you're in to that sort of thing.) But Schoeffel, off a pass from Quinzani, scored his second goal of a game, and the stalemate has been lifted.

Duke 2, Notre Dame 2, 4:55 left in the second quarter: After a long possession by Duke, the Blue Devils were unable to score on Rogers, who now has either five or six saves against this high-powered Duke offense. Quite an impressive feat by the senior.

Since there's not much offense to write about, I pose a question to the audience (mainly out of boredom): Who has the best flow, the best hair (or lettuce, if you will) of any Duke or Notre Dame lacrosse player? Let me know in the comments.

Duke 2, Notre Dame 2, 12:38 left in the second quarter: Can someone get a stat for that faceoff to kick off the second quarter? Was that the longest faceoff in lacrosse history? Someone in the press box just said it was 46 seconds long. I'll take his word on it until I can find a more accurate number. It ended, by the way, with a lighting-fast shot by the Irish, and a great save by Wigrizer off the stick to stop it.

Duke 2, Notre Dame 2, end of the first quarter: With Brenneman's second goal of the game, Notre Dame tied the game at two-all.

The Irish won three faceoffs in that quarter to the Blue Devils' two. This is something Duke did very well all game Saturday, and its inability to take the advantage that it had against Virginia has resulted in only seven shot attempts to Notre Dame's nine. The Blue Devils have done well with ground balls, however, picking up eight to the Irish's four.

Duke 2, Notre Dame 1, 1:28 left in the first quarter: This has been a much slower and more defense-oriented game than what we saw Saturday with Duke and Virginia—that game  had what seemed to be a lot more offense spark. Notre Dame seems content to pass it back-and-forth when it has possession, while Duke is more aggressive when it has it; so, if the Blue Devils begin dominating on faceoff wins like they were able to do Saturday, look for the scoring to rise.

Duke 2, Notre Dame 1, 5:32 left in the first quarter: Nice move from Steve Schoeffel there to ring up Duke's second goal of the day with an unassisted score. Looks like Duke has started well on the offensive side of the field, even if it is struggling a little with winning the faceoffs.

On the defensive end, no worries for the Blue Devils. Duke has really stopped Notre Dame from getting any sort of offensive flow going so far. Each Irish attack on the Blue Devil end has been stimied before it ever got anything started, and, other than the one Brenneman goal, there haven't been any threatening shots on Dan Wigrizer yet. Duke put on an especially good defensive stand from the 12:30-minute mark to around the 10:30-mark, which culminated in a weak shot on Dan Wigrizer that the freshman easily saved.

Duke 1, Notre Dame 1, 12:51 left in the first quarter: After a fantastic pass by Ned Crotty to find Zach Howell for his 50th goal of the season, Duke has tied the game up at 1. Before that, Notre Dame won the first faceoff, then the Irish's Zach Brenneman scored only 50 seconds in.

PREGAME: How hot is it? According to Inside Lacrosse, a thermometer stuck in the turf reads 144 degrees. That hot.

PREGAME: It is a sweltering 90 degrees in Baltimore, Md. today, and the lax pinnies are out and in full effect. As are the "Drink Like a Champion Today" signs in the Notre Dame section, apparently, according to the Jumbotron. We're about 10 minutes away from gametime, and the goalies are out warming up.

If you haven't read our preview of the game yet, you should. It's right here. It talks about everything you need to know about today's game, including how Duke will play against Notre Dame's goalie, Scott Rodgers. (It won't be easy.)

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