LIVE BLOG: Duke 14, Virginia 13 (FINAL)

Duke 14, Virginia 13, END OF GAME: An amazing finish to this game! Crotty stood behind the goal, faked right, went left and found Quinzani for his fourth goal of the game. Virginia had eight seconds to try and answer, but the Cavaliers couldn't come through. Ballgame, Blue Devils.

This was just an amazing win for Duke, and a great back-and-forth affair by both teams. Check back later for more coverage on

Duke 13, Virginia 13, 1:06 left in the fourth quarter: It's a tie game after two straight goals from Virginia, the last coming by Carroll. After gaining possession on Cavalier turf, Duke called its last timeout. Most are on their feet here in Baltimore. Strap in for a wild finish.

Duke 13, Virginia 11, 2:52 left in the fourth quarter: After Duke took a timeout, the bench began jumping up and cheering wildly. And it looks like they can continue to do so, as the Blue Devils hold a two-goal lead with only three minutes left in the game. "Livin' on a Prayer" is playing in the stadium, and the Cavaliers may need to start doing just that if they want to have a chance.

Duke 12, Virginia 10, 8:56 left in the fourth quarter: Well, it looks like we've got a game on our hands. After Quinzani scored his third goal of the game to give Duke a 12-8 lead, Virginia scored twice in a row, cutting the margin to two. The Cavaliers did it simply by finally winning a few faceoffs, which the Blue Devils have totally dominated thus far in this contest.

Duke 11, Virginia 8, 13:46 left in the fourth quarter: Virginia calls timeout after Turri scores again, his third of the game, which extended Duke's run to 6-0, and totally changed the nature of this game (to say the least). While the Blue Devils looked sloppy at times in the first half, now they're seemingly unstoppable, and a three-goal lead this late in the game may be too much for Virginia to overcome.

Duke 9, Virginia 8, end of third quarter: Two great goals from Crotty and Quinzani gave Duke its first lead of the game with 1:30 left in the third quarter. Crotty's, a goal that looked almost casual, in which he was running towards midfield, then rocketed the ball over his right shoulder, put the score at 8-7. Quinzani's, helped by a pinpoint pass by Crotty, tied it up.

One way that the Blue Devils are able to take so many shots has come with their proficiency at the X. Duke leads Virginia in faceoffs won, 13-6, and has seen many of its goals come immediately after winning the faceoff.

Duke 7, Virginia 8, 4:23 left in the third quarter: Virginia's lead has been cut to one, and it's all because of Zach Howell. At the 5:35 mark, Howell sprinted around the back of the goal, raised his stick, then, as a Virginia defender chopped his legs, sending Howell airborne, somehow still kept the stick up and found the top left shelf of the goal. Just an amazing, acrobatic feat by the junior.

Duke 6, Virginia 8, 8:42 left in the third quarter: A great, unassisted goal from Max Quinzani has the Duke crowd back into it, and the momentum, which had swung to Virginia, is now definitely in the Blue Devils' favor. Quinzani has been quiet until now; we'll see if he wakes up with that score. As a side note: Virginia's Matt Lovejoy was penalized for unnecessary roughness a short time ago, however, Quinzani's goal was an even-strength goal.

Duke 5, Virginia 7, HALFTIME: Two goals from Virginia, the first from Colin Briggs and the second from Stanwick (again) with only fourteen seconds left in the half, broke the 5-5 tie and put the Cavaliers up two. A point of contention before the game—who would get the starting nod in the goal for Duke—is not exactly paying dividends for the Blue Devils. Dan Wigrizer has struggled so far, and Duke will need him to act a bit more like Virginia's Adam Ghitelman, who has only allowed five goals on 23 shots.

Duke 5, Virginia 5, 3:25 left in the second quarter: After Virginia committed another penalty, putting Duke in its third extra man situation of the game, McKee netted his second goal of the day. That's 3-for-3 for the Blue Devils in extra man. Head coach John Danowski has to like how Duke is capitalizing on the Cavaliers' mistakes.

Virginia 5, Duke 4, 9:25 left in the second quarter: Justin Turri just scored his second goal of the game, and it was a beaut. He found position right in front of the Virignia goalkeeper and calmly whipped the ball in.

Before Turri's goal, Virginia, after controlling the possession for over four minutes, saw Boklet score his second goal of the game to put the Cavaliers up by two. That goal seemed almost inevitable—so many chances and missed opportunities to score by Virginia until Boklet's goal.

Virginia 4, Duke 2, end of the first quarter: Pipe City! The Blue Devils were consistently stimied by shots off the orange pipes during the last few minutes of the first quarter. A few inches to the left or right, and the Blue Devils may have the lead right now. Instead, they will enter the second quarter just with an extra man, after a delay of game penalty was called on Virginia.

An early candidate for goal of the game should go to Cavalier Shamel Bratton, who put a ridiculous move on the defender to give Virginia a 4-2 lead.

Some stats from the first quarter: Duke had 14 shots to the Cavaliers' 6, and the Blue Devils picked up 11 ground balls to Virginia's 10. Yet, they trail by two.

Virginia 3, Duke 1, 4:37 left in the first quarter: Steele Stanwick just scored twice, putting the Cavaliers up two. The goals came in rapid succession, with the last just ten or so seconds after his first.

Not sure if the bright lights of M & T Stadium have put the pressure on the players down on the field, but there's been quite a few turnovers so far in this contest—and they're coming from unexpected guys, like Rhamel Bratton. Both teams are actually averaging a turnover per minute right now.

Robert Rotanz has Duke's lone score, coming off a Zach Howell pass.

Virginia 1, Duke 0, 12:47 left in the first quarter: And Virginia is on the board first with a Chris Bocklet goal.

Duke won the first faceoff at the X, but was unable to capitalize, and Virginia set up for its first offensive series. After an offsides penalty, Bocklet rocketed the game's first goal into the back of the net.

PREGAME: Gametime is scheduled for 6:30, but Cornell-Notre Dame ran long, so expect the contest to begin around the 7:00 p.m. mark. Be sure to read our full preview of the game before watching it here. And check out our snarky comments on what others have written about the game here.

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