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A human chain

In Susan Tifft’s final Caringbridge post on March 24th, she described the “human chain,” which she wanted to be her legacy.  I am blessed to be part of this chain.

Since I took her “News as Moral Battleground” class in 2004, Professor Tifft has served as an inspiration, mentor and role model for me, as I have migrated from student to research assistant to Duke alumna.  My experience learning from and working with Professor Tifft was one of the pivotal experiences of my time at Duke, and its importance has only continued to grow in retrospect.

I have no doubt that with the hundreds, maybe thousands, of students Professor Tifft touched during her life, the educator side of her “human chain” is as strong as possible, and her legacy will live on through each and every of these students, including myself.

Chrissie Gorman

Trinity ’07


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