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Duke Diya endorses Lefevre and Moore

Duke Diya formally endorses Mike Lefevre for DSG president. We were impressed with Lefevre’s record as former vice president for athletics and campus services as well as current chief of staff. We feel that Lefevre has a consistent record of accomplishment at all levels in his career with student government. His abilities to make changes will certainly aid him as DSG president. We believe that Lefevre will be an effective advocate for students of all backgrounds, and we believe he will help cultural groups reach new heights at Duke.

We were torn between Lefevre and Gregory Morrison, who we also felt was a strong choice for president. We admire Morrison’s desire to change the culture at Duke and we were encouraged by his awareness of the power of the DSG presidency, and the positive effect it can have on our campus environment.

We were also pleased with Will Passo. Passo demonstrated a strong sense of cultural awareness, and he would be quite sensitive to all students’ needs as president.

For the position of executive vice president, we endorse Jane Moore. Moore demonstrates a charisma and an approachability that we feel she can best use to her advantage as president of the Senate. Although we were quite pleased with Pete Schork’s pragmatic approach to the office, we felt that Moore was a better fit for the job.

Finally, we would like to express our deep apprehension at the candidacy of Price Davidson. Price showed a lack of multicultural awareness that is not just concerning for a DSG candidate, but a Duke student in general. We hope that Price reaches out to Duke’s multicultural communities before asserting himself as a representative for all Duke students.

Vivek Upadhyay President of external affairs, Duke Diya Trinity ’10


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