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Vote Goldstein for Young Trustee

Choosing between the three candidates for Young Trustee was difficult. We were quite torn: Each candidate has a unique Duke experience that could easily translate into a successful term as Young Trustee. We would like to congratulate the Young Trustee Nominating Committee—the three candidates this year would be strong candidates in any year.

That being said, Duke Diya proudly endorses Chelsea Goldstein for Young Trustee. Chelsea possesses exceptional communication skills, which will undoubtedly be a valuable tool on the Board of Trustees. More importantly, we found her in-depth knowledge of University affairs to not simply include facts and figures, but a keen awareness of the nuances of Duke. Her record as vice president for academic affairs is exemplary. Chelsea has the rare ability to not only accurately identify the issues facing Duke, but also relate those problems to an audience unfamiliar with them and motivate a plan of action. We are confident in her ability to serve as Young Trustee.

We were also very pleased with the work and abilities of Zach Perret and John Harpham. Zach, as Duke University Union president, is an accomplished executive. We were impressed with his knowledge of University dealings, showing an expertise in fields and subjects well outside the boundaries of DUU and the organizations he has helped lead. Similarly, John has a fresh, sincere voice and perspective on the University. His time heading The Chronicle’s editorial board has provided him with knowledge about many different aspects of the University. In addition, he draws upon the common experiences all students have and extracts valuable insights from them.

Still, in a field of three exciting and outstanding candidates, we found Chelsea to be the most exciting, and the most oustanding. We are confident she will do an excellent job as Young Trustee.

Vivek Upadhyay

President of External Affairs, Duke Diya

Trinity ’10


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