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DUU looks to up member involvement

At its second meeting of the year Tuesday, leaders of the Duke University Union brainstormed strategies to get new members involved in more than one committee and take initiative immediately. DUU officers also expressed desire to create a more cohesive feel within the organization.

President Zach Perret, a senior, began the discussion by asking members of the executive board, “How do we get people more invested in the committees?”

Some members suggested that bonding activities such as group dinners would help make meetings less impersonal and encourage members to get to know each other.

“It’s nice to have a group of people outside of my circle of friends that I like just as much,” said Joe College Day Director Julia Hawkins, a sophomore.

The leaders also suggested encouraging new members to assist with events sponsored by committees other than their own to promote knowledge of the organization as a whole.

In addition, members discussed starting optional mentoring programs for new members. The purpose of the programs would be to help new members get more involved in DUU, gain insight into other parts of the organization and learn more about planning large scale events.

Junior Camille Creed stressed the importance of “getting the DUU name out.” The executive board expressed hopes that prospective members will become more interested in DUU if the organization’s name is associated with the events it plans on campus.

Perret said he thinks it will be important to have a general body meeting within the next couple weeks to provide a fun way for members of all committees to become acquainted with one another.

In other business:

DUU briefly discussed plans for Homecoming Weekend, which will take place the Sept. 26-27. The Homecoming Committee is planning a number of events including a scavenger hunt for the week and hopes to begin flyering this week.

The executive board also discussed the accomplishments of the various committees. The new art exhibit in the Bryan Center’s Louise Jones Brown Gallery was successfully introduced and will be on display for the next three weeks, said Visual Arts Director Lisa Gao, a junior.

Duke Coffeehouse on East Campus has seen a boost in sales, said senior Andrew Kindman, DUU Coffeehouse director and general manager. He added that he looks forward to the programming scheduled for the venue this weekend.

Speakers Director Yiran Zhang, a junior, already has plans to bring in relationships expert David Coleman to speak. But Zhang added that she hopes to utilize student connections to bring in more speakers.


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