Duke Student Government Election Results

Just over 25 percent of students voted in Duke Student Government elections Monday, approving all four referendum items and electing 17 senators and the first special secretary for the Young Trustee process. DSG Attorney General Var Shankar, a senior, provided The Chronicle with elections results:

Special Secretary for the Young Trustee Process:

  • Amanda Turner - 757 votes
  • Ben Getson - 628 votes

Freshman Class Senators:

  • Academic Affairs: Ari Ruffer and Kenneth Gould
  • Athletics and Campus Services: Cameron Oswalt and Douglas Hanna
  • Durham and Regional Affairs: Chris Brown and Gordon Wilson
  • Student Affairs: Molly Superfine and Gurdane Bhutani

New Junior Class Senators:

  • Academic Affairs: Dmitri Jean and Matt Stansky
  • Athletics and Campus Services: Ben Bergmann and Kendyl Tash
  • Durham and Regional Affairs: Lauren Kottis and Danielle Starks

New Senior Class Senators:

  • Academic Affairs: Daniel Lewin and Kristen Yang
  • Student Affairs: Steven McAlpine


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