Durham Viking epidemic continues: High Master

Many things pass over the desk of the recess editor, or would if I had a desk. Most of them end of getting chucked, but some are too weird to pass up. Like this one.

Tight on the heels of Viking Storm, the two-day celebration at the Coffeehouse and the Pinhook to mark the release of Hammer No More the Fingers' Looking for Bruce, High Master--which bills itself as "Durham's only Viking power rock band"--is playing at the Pinhook Saturday night with Pink Flag and Rat Jackson.

The band includes our friends Paul Overton and Ken Rumble from Duke Performances, and Saturday night will prove whether they're any good, or if they should stick to presenting real musicians.

From the press release: "The band’s songs and live performances are based on the story of ancient Viking hero High Master, his parties with his yeti chums, and his ongoing battles with the Dark Lord Üngr, whose quest to steal the sun High Master attempts to thwart.  After a trip to and from the future, High Master is aided in his war against the Dark Lord Üngr by Dr. Scientist, Ph.D, a scientist from the year 2455. On-stage, the band High Master enacts the plot of the story using costumes, scripted dialogue, and props, including fake weaponry, enormous 20-sided dice, hand-painted set pieces, and various other Viking-inspired gear."

Riiiight. Intrepid listeners who didn't get enough Viking last weekend can head to the Pinhook at 1o tomorrow.


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