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miss march

Two of the Whitest Kids U Know just made one of the most outrageous movies you will see in 2009.

Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore of the New York-based sketch comedy troupe co-star in Miss March as childhood best friends Eugene and Tucker. Tucker is a sex-obsessed Playboy magazine connoisseur, while Eugene believes in abstinence. Eugene's girlfriend (Raquel Alessi) is ready to take things to the next step and pressures him into having sex on prom night. Drunk enough for sex and ready for a toilet, he falls down a flight of stairs. Four years later, he wakes up from a coma. His girlfriend is nowhere to be found, until Tucker unfolds to her on pages 95 to 97 of the most recent Playboy, stimulating a cross-country road trip to the Playboy Mansion to reunite with Eugene's long-lost love.

Outrageous premises are ideal for sketch comedy. But what's funny for two minutes isn't so funny for 90 minutes. Unable to construct an interesting storyline or dynamic characters, Cregger and Moore revert to cheap laughs-crude humor, the inappropriateness of which garners more surprise than genuine jocular reaction.

Giving the stronger performance of the two, Cregger's character, despite being frustratingly boring at times, is easy to like-a boy next door pursuing the girl next door. Moore's forced performance is a poor man's Lloyd, the dumberer. His over-the-top antics are better suited for stand up. The Office's Craig Robinson's role as rapper horsedick.mpeg is comic (yes, comic) relief-a necessary subplot to retain the audience's attention.

Having one's high-school girlfriend as the centerfold for Playboy may be every teenage boy's dream, but on-screen it's a nightmare. I wanted to read the articles, but ended up, as always, flipping from page to page, tissues in hand.


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