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Coach K "All Right" By Obama

It looks like we might finally have closure on the non-story that turned into a story that dominated the volatile news cycle Wednesday and Thursday.

On Thursday, Mike Krzyzewski's wife, Mickie, felt compelled to defend her husband after a blown-up brouhaha about his comments on President Barack Obama's bracket, so Mickie sent a text message to Obama's body man, former Duke Basketball player Reggie Love.

"Coach didn't mean that," Mike Krzyzewski said the text message read. "This is what he meant. And I hope he wasn't offended."

Love sent a text message back informing the Krzyzewskis that Obama thinks the head coach is "all right," Krzyzewski said. Mickie Krzyzewski responded with a thank you, and that was that.

Mike Krzyzewski said at his press conference Friday that he was surprised that his comments were taken out of context, especially because he said directly afterward that he loved what Obama was doing in the White House.

"We were all laughing, and really, it was kind of a throwaway line. It wasn't even—not that I would throw away anything about the president," he said with a smile, watching his words. "[You] get in trouble for that."

Let's hope, for everyone's sake, that this story disappears before the basketball begins tomorrow. Either way, we feel confident Matt Drudge won't be leading with this reconciliation anytime soon.


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